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Builders Melbourne
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Builders Melbourne
Honesty, integrity and trustworthy

At Professional Residential, we have become one of the most popular home builders in Melbourne. 

That is because we ensure that every stage of your custom build, renovation or development is completed with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

This includes our before and after-sales service.

To all involved:

  You, our valued customer

  Our team

  Our suppliers

  Local communities


First class Customer service

From the first phone call to you

Your own project manager

Your own phone app for 24/7 updates including photos

Regular progress updates

Follow up calls after your work is complete

Quality workmanship

Qualified and experienced tradespeople

Employees not 3rd party contractors for day to day work

Independent 3rd party inspection

Constantly looking for ways to improve our quality control

Offering Value for $

Purchasing power

Important inclusions

Lots of options at every budget level

No hidden costs or surprises

Leadership and mentoring

Qualified and experienced high integrity leadership and mentoring

Supporting breaking patterns of generational homelessness and unemployment

Leaders and front runners in building excellence, building compliance, environmental responsibilities and innovation.

Community involvement

●     Employing young tradesmen, apprentices

●     Strong and experienced leadership

●     Mentoring

●     Considering environmental concerns or issues where we build

●     Giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves

●     Looking at those in need in local communities where we build

●     Being compassionate, considerate and flexible with those who need it, whether they be our customers, team members or local communities

  • Special needs
  • Mature needs
  • Victims of abuse
Builders Melbourne


Builders Melbourne
Highest qualification with the VBA

At Professional Residential and home builders in Melbourne, we have the highest possible building registration licence with the VBA. The VBA: Victorian Building Authority is Victoria’s building regulatory organisation that makes sure that your building work is done properly and safely. Our registration with the VBA is an ‘Unlimited Domestic Builders Licence’ and our licence number is CDB-U 51352.

20 Year wet area guarantee

We are also one of only a few building companies in Melbourne and Australia who can offer a 20 year area guarantee for the wet areas of your home or development.


All registrations, licenses and insurances

We are registered with the Master Builders Association, and have all necessary insurances, licences and registrations.

Enviromentally responsible

Builders Melbourne
Our company

Our long term goals always consider environmental impact.


We are always considering future generations.


We minimise impact at every opportunity, particularly in local communities.


We are always reviewing our environmental footprint.

Homes building, renovating and developments

The quantity and quality of the energy we use, renewable energy etc

How we run our factories, offices, power, equipment etc

What and how we build and renovate homes and develop properties

Waste, how we dispose of it, recycling etc

Energy efficient projects are always a priority for us.

We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our building processes

We encourage all homeowners and building developers to build or renovate environmentally responsible homes and developments.



We make sure that all the suppliers that we use are also environmentally responsible. We believe that if enough consumers and businesses all insist on only dealing with companies that are environmentally responsible, it will have a positive impact now, and for future generations.

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Socially responsible

Builders Melbourne

We offer our teams strong, effective and integrity based mentoring, and we lead by example by operating a socially responsible business.

Staff entitlements

One of our priorities, is that all staff are paid correctly with all entitlements.


We believe it is important to give back to our local communities and to those less fortunate than we are. Each year we select a local cause to contribute to.


We make sure that all of the suppliers we use and purchase from are also socially responsible. We believe that if enough consumers and businesses all insist on only dealing with companies that are socially responsible, it will have a positive impact now, and for future generations.


Builders Melbourne

If you would like to consider a career with an environmental leader in Building, renovations or property development in Melbourne

If it is time for a change, and you would like to work with a company who places integrity, customer service, quality workmanship and the environment as its key values, then email us or give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

Builders Melbourne

03 9077 4567


Builders Melbourne
Covid compliant and proactive CovidSafe plan

We do everything possible to help Melbourne stay CovidSafe.

●     We adhere to all Government requirements and restrictions, strictly, and require all our team members to do the same.

●     All of our staff and suppliers must agree to comply with Government and Professional Residential Covid-19 requirements and regulations.

●     All customers, team members, management, and suppliers are asked the following to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading in Melbourne.

○     Is anyone in your home sick or in quarantine?

○     Have you or anyone you know been in contact with anyone with Covid-19?

○     Are there any Covid-19 risks that we should know about, i.e. travel, contact with people who have travelled etc?

○     All responses are dealt with on an individual basis, with caution used as our first priority and taking into consideration all personal circumstances.

Covidsafe for customers

We are frequently sanitising all work our areas that you may come into contact with.


We wear masks if required to by Melbourne regulations or if you request it.


We offer face to face meetings and all virtual options also, ie FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, calls etc.


We adhere to all social distancing as required in Melbourne and we respect and honour any further requirements by yourself. 


You have all project management options, in person, by phone or virtual, ie facetime, Zoom, Skype etc.


Must advise us if any of the initial questions are answered in the positive.

Covidsafe plan and responsibilities for tradespeople, team and management

All team members are required to strictly comply with Governments regulations, Melbourne Covid requirements and our Covidsafe plan.


All team members and management must sign acceptance to our Covidsafe plan


All team members and management must stay home if not well


All team members and management must be tested if they have any Covid-19 symptoms


Must advise us if any of the initial questions are answered in the positive.

Covidsafe plan and responsibilities for suppliers

Strict compliance with Covidsafe  plan


Must sign acceptance to Covidsafe  plan


Must advise us if any of the initial questions are answered in the positive.


Builders Melbourne
Builders Melbourne

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