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Additional rooms
Additional rooms


30 November 2023 

Building additional rooms in your home is great for growing families and or new workplaces if you are now working from home.

If working from home works for you, it is also more environmentally friendly. Working from home not only saves time but also on petrol and car costs, and your employer saves on the costs of running the office space for you.

Having extra rooms can also save on the costs of relocating, selling, and buying a new home, with all the related costs such as taxes, moving costs and all the time involved with a move.

More space in your home can also add to the quality of your lifestyle, especially if you have extra rooms for social and family activities such as a family room, a room to play pool, table tennis, or watch movies on the big screen.

Following the previous updates, space-saving, and using your available space and natural light to your best advantage are just a few examples where our qualified interior designers may come up with ideas and options you may not have considered. 

We offer a no-obligation free consultation with a fixed price and time to complete your project. We are happy to answer any questions and can give you ideas you have not even considered for your custom build, renovation or property development. 

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