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Environmentally responsible
Environmentally responsible


4 January 2023

When you are dealing we are an organisation who is also environmentally responsible it means you are doing something for the environment too.

Everything we do and every decision we make is taking into consideration the environmental impact and our environmental footprint we are leaving. Not just for now, but long term, for future generations too.

Here are just a few examples: 

– In how we select the suppliers we use. We make sure they are environmentally (and socially) responsible too.

– We take into consideration any environmental issues in the areas we are working.

– the quantity and quality of the energy we use, renewable energy etc

– How we run our factories, offices, power, equipment etc

– What and how we build and renovate homes and develop properties.

– The products we recommend are energy efficient.

– Recommendations regarding the best use of light to reduce lighting costs, such as double glazed windows etc. Insulation recommendations and more.

– Waste, how we dispose of it, recycling etc

– Energy efficient projects are always a priority for us.

– We are always looking for ways to innovate.

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