Builders Melbourne


30 March 2023 

Innovation is a very high value to us at Professional Residential Builders, Melbourne. 

Our innovation is not only in the areas of materials,  but we are always looking for new and improved ways to make sure that our workmanship is not only the best but continually improving too. 

We also continually look at ways to improve our completion times, which is why we have industry leading completion times in Melbourne. Not that we ever cut corners, or reduce the quality of our workmanship. 

We are always just looking at ways to do what we do more efficiently.

We know with over 20 years of experience, and hundreds of homes, that the faster we get our work done for you, the happier you will be, and the better your build or renovation experience will be for you.

Another way that we are constantly innovating is in the customer service we provide to you. That is one of the reasons why you have your own dedicated project manager and you have your own smartphone app that enables you to get updates and images on your phone 24-hours a day seven days a week.

If there is a way to improve our workmanship, materials and customer service, we will find it and include it in a part of the services we provide to you. That is because we want you to have the confidence and peace of mind that you are always getting the best materials, workmanship and customer service.

If you have any questions about our free consultation, or if you would like to book an appointment, give us a call. One of our friendly and helpful staff members will be happy to help.

Or this link will get you through to our quick interactive form if you want to contact us online. There are also lots of images on our site of work we have done, including images of winners of Channel 9’s popular TV program, ‘The Block’.