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Interior designs


28 March 2024 

We have first-class interior designs. With our award-winning Interior Designers, we bring together and combine the very best of functionality, creativity, comfort and your dreams to come up with designs so good you will be glad you used Professional Residential for your home build, renovation or development.

With our qualified interior designers and architects, your project will not only be unique, it will be exactly what you want and will love for many years to come.

Our designers are also specialists in smart homes and environmentally responsible homes, so if that is important to you, it’s just one more reason to use Professional Residential Melbourne.

Like every part of our design process, we provide professional advice and options, understand your expectations and how you want the end result to look, all with first-class customer service, the best possible workmanship, fixed pricing and industry-leading completion times.

We have industry-leading completion times. The saying ‘time is money’ has never been more relevant than it is now. Knowing when you are going to be able to take possession of your recently renovated home, custom-built home, luxury home, or property development can make a big difference to your planning – and budget!

That is why we offer a no obligation FREE consultation with a fixed price and time to complete your project quotation. You have so much to gain and little to lose by having a conversation with us. 

With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, we are usually able to offer ideas you have not considered. This link will get you to our gallery, where you will see lots of images of work we have done in and around Melbourne, including images of the winners of Channel 9’s popular TV program, ‘The Block’.

You can give us a call; our direct phone number is at the top right of our website. One of our helpful team members will be happy to answer any questions and or make an appointment for you. 

Or, if you prefer to contact us online, we have a quick interactive form at this link

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