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Quality workmanship
Quality workmanship


19 December 2022

After 20 years of experience, there is not much we have not experienced, managed and completed well. 

It is because of our experience that we are able to focus so much on quality control for our workmanship and excellent customer service. That is why we were chosen to do the builders for winners of ‘The Block’.

One of the ways we keep the quality of our workmanship so high is that we have employees for our day-to-day trade work rather than employing 3rd party contractors.

We do this because we know that 3rd party contractors will have other customers that they need to do work and repairs, and so they may need to go to do other emergency work at different times. This can result in your work being delayed or rushed and the quality of workmanship not as high as we provide. 

Make sure that whoever you choose to do your work has employees rather than 3rd party contractors working for them.

On top of all the systems and processes that we have in place to ensure first-class customer service, we are always doing our best to improve.

If you have any questions about our free consultation or if you would like to book an appointment, give us a call. One of our friendly and helpful staff members will be happy to help.

Or this link will get you through to our quick interactive form if you want to contact us online. There are also many images on our site of work we have done, including images of winners of Channel 9’s popular TV program, ‘The Block’.