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23 June 2023 

Even though doors seem like such a quick and easy selection, once you know the impact different doors can have in your home, you will be pleased you made some informed decisions.

Let’s start with your entrance – first impressions count. Your front door can be coordinated with your entrance, your front door panels etc. The size of your front door is also an important consideration, and if you want to have a double front door, for a great entrance opportunity, or just to make it easy to move things in and out of your home. What your front door is made of and if you want leadlight or feature panels in it are some more considerations.

Interior doors can be plain or panelled for a more luxurious look. They can be painted or stained for less maintenance. They can match the door frames, or the door frames can match the wall colour or window frame colour. If you have high ceilings, you can also have higher doors as well, adding to the overall luxury look of your home.

These are just a few of the options that you have where you can use every part of our 20+ years of experience to help you make the perfect choices.

Whether you are building or renovating, choosing the right doors from the start will save on costs and time.

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