Builders Melbourne


26 June 2023

If you’re renovating and recycling and as re-use becomes more popular, another consideration these days is how much storage you have. Combine that with working from home offices, growing families and changing your home around, putting things not currently in use in storage until you want to use it again can be a good money-saving strategy – if you have the storage space, that is.

If the appropriate storage is considered at the time of planning, and it is a well-designed part of your overall plan, it can add to the value of your property and make it more practical for day-to-day use too.

It can also keep costs lower than having to do another extension later for the storage you need. It is well known that a home can never have enough storage. Even if it is not fully used, it means that things can be more easily accessible if you have enough storage space.

Storage is definitely an important part of our initial consultation with you, and we use our 20+ years of experience to let you know all the important and practical things to consider when planning for storage.

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